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Hi, I am Joey Moreno

Photographer | Blogger |  Vlogger | Graphic Designer | Social Media Marketer and of course a Proud Filipino

Current located here in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada 

I’ve doing photography as a hobby since 2009 in the Philippines from that day I started to hold my camera I fell in love with capturing the story behind every photo. Taking photos became a passion the moment I held my first camera in my hands way back 2009. When I was still in the Philippines and I was deeply hypnotized by the random scenery and the majestic beauty of our country. With every captured photo, my love for the craft grew. I could say I was self-thought and self-made. Driven by passion and engulf in the flames to share my perspective and artistry. I started to explore and after two years or more, I decided to use this hobby to start our very first business. In 2013, we started Ufind Philippines. A local advertising agency wherein we took a lot of creative shoots with our models and did tons of graphic designing for our client which they’ve loved and has gained positive feedback.

Photography & Graphic Designing is not just a business for me now, it’s an expression of artistry and creativity.

Now that we are migrated here in Halifax I am very thrilled to continue and be with you in capturing forever breathtaking memories behind every picture. Let us start to capture your stories now call me at 902 440 8304 or email me at


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